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Ann Carole Vrbancic
435 W. Sycamore Drive
Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1079
Email: ann@vrbancic.com
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Software developer and consultant for the last five years following comprehensive training in computer programming emphasizing Visual Basic and MS Access. Software development contracts have been completed for CNA, City of Chicago, Ameritech, Tenneco, Comdisco, and InfoWorks, a management training company. Training in software development followed a career as a high profile real estate executive with over 14 years of progressively increasing experience in all aspects of commercial real estate finance, including underwriting, loan closings, asset management, investment administration, document enforcement, and bankruptcy.

Application Experience

Asset Management, Commercial Real Estate, Computer Leasing, Finance, Materials Handling, Tour Management and Scheduling, Personal Casualty Insurance, Investment Tracking and Management, and Personal Training Tools Development.

Hardware Experience

Wintel based Workstations.

Database Experience

MS Access/ADO/ODBC, MS SQL Server.

Development Languages Experience

MS Access, MS Excel/VBA, Transact-SQL, and Visual Basic 5 & 6.


Modified and enhanced the monthly and quarterly reporting applications for CNA-Personal Insurance, all written in MS Excel 5.0 using VBA. Enhancements included the addition of data components and new reporting calculations to the existing reports, along with preparing the new data source tables, files, and code for the new calendar year. The most prominent is a monthly Quality Summary report (~250 pages). This report summarizes lines of business by various geographic tiers, produced using a template and CSV files created via Business Objects queries. Along with the customary controls, list boxes, text boxes, and command buttons, this application utilizes sophisticated formulas within the cells of the report sheet to dynamically analyze the data before presentation.

Developed a Custom Tours database with a multi-form user interface in MS Access 95 using VBA for the City of Chicago-Department of Cultural Tours. The user is able to create a custom city tour using building blocks of tour components such as destinations, restaurants, and landmarks. List boxes are dynamically filled in based on information provided by the tour client, such as food type preference and number of people in the party. In addition to creating client and tour guide itineraries, to-do lists of completed and uncompleted tasks related to each tour can be generated by date, staff person responsible, and by tour.

For Tenneco, converted an MS Excel 4.0 macro driven application to MS Excel 7.0 using Visual Basic for Applications. The system takes a file generated by manufacturing machines, and uses a series of advanced filters to create a group of reports that compare amount produced, costs, materials used, downtime, etc. by tool, product, and warehouse.

Completed the conversion of an MS Excel 4.0 macro driven application to MS Excel 7.0 using VBA for Ameritech-Shareholder Relations. The converted system includes the addition of an MS Access database for industry stock prices and activity, dynamically updated during run-time, and daily report generation, including graphs. After the initial specifications the client requested enhancements including a graphic user interface the provides the cumulative return on a chosen stock during a specified period and corresponding graph, as well as an application that allows for the updating of all stock records based on stock splits.

Developed a package of 25 sophisticated personal training "tools" for a management training firm, InfoWorks, using MS Excel and Visual Basic for Applications. Designed all user input forms and corresponding macro-driven customized responses to user based on input. Using VBA, MS Excel features implemented include dynamic runtime creation of graphs, menu customization, spinners (slider bars), command buttons, dialog boxes, check boxes, option buttons, and text boxes.

Completed all financial analysis and MS Excel model development for a Lease vs. Buy analysis package for the Comdisco Corporation, which is deployed over their corporate intranet for use by over 2500 employees. Using HTML forms to prompt for user input, the MS Excel model can dynamically accommodate any lease term in months up to ten years. Features include stepped rent, delayed rent, and advance or arrears options, as well as payment frequency options ranging from one-time and monthly to annually. A financing option is offered under ownership assumptions, and there is capacity to handle up to five different assets with varying lease structures including differing start and end dates. Presentation quality reports and graphs, formatted and printed from MS Excel, can be generated. MS Access tables are used to store user input parameters to save user re-entry of data, including multi-scenario options for one customer.

Assisted in the development of a Visual Basic 4.0 system for a Value of Distributed Computing MS Excel model used by the Asset Management department of the Comdisco Corporation. Seventeen forms have been created for the entry of parameters and the processing of the model. Using OLE Automation the MS Excel model formulas are dynamically updated and worksheets dynamically created based on the parameters input. In addition, the ability to compare two models and produce a comparison spreadsheet has been integrated into the system. Sixteen MS Access tables are used to store the input parameters so that the user does not have to re-enter the data each time a model is needed. Over twenty spreadsheets are employed in the Value of Distributed Computing model. Many third party tools by Sheridan Software and Crescent Systems are used to provide the model comparison selection grid, the combo-box pulldowns, and the over 400 text boxes used for the wide variety of data input.


Loyola University, Chicago - BS - Psychology


MCP - VBA Development.